Terms and conditions

The current conditions govern the relationship between the establishment, further called INSTITUT LYONNAIS or INSTITUT, and those who attend it. They are subject to changes, which apply only to subsequent registrations.

Admission conditions

The admission of students (unless exempted) must follow the course schedule provided within the information material.

1 – Administration Conditions and Pedagogy

Unless a prior agreement is made with INSTITUT LYONNAIS, the minimum age is 18 years, with a 16 years exemption reserved for summer sessions by parent consent. There is not a maximum age.

Beginners are admitted to sessions listed on the registration form (except by prior agreement, particularly for groups). Outside these periods, INSTITUT LYONNAIS is not bound to accept students with no prior French language education, a ‘beginner’. A beginner is generally understood to be a student who cannot justify having studied over 50 hours of French language. INSTITUT LYONNAIS is not responsible for any false information communicated by the prospective student in regards to the level of prior French language experience. However the Institute will propose tutoring, free or for a certain fee, in order to elevate the prospective student’s level of French.

While a student is enrolled at INSTITUT LYONNAIS, the student is invited to benefit from the services offered, freely or for a certain fee. These services include and are not limited to: housing assistance, practical information, and cultural activities. However it is important to recognize that public university housing and dinning areas are exclusively reserved for students older than 18 years of age.

The details of prices and cancellation conditions are available by inquiry or can be consulted on our website: http://www.institut-lyonnais.com

Attention: L’INSTITUT LYONNAIS will not be held responsible for a student’s VISA or ‘titre de se?jour’ administration, nor the difficulties this process may involve. It is strongly advised that the student research the official process necessary to study in France, before registering with the INSTITUT.

2 – Financial Conditions

The participation in courses offered by L’INSTITUT LYONNAIS, (as seen on brochures and the internet site) requires the following regulations and fees:

  1. Annual Inscription: This fixed fee permits the student to be inscribed at L’INSTITUT LYONNAIS and therefore to attend the courses for which the student has registered and with which he/she has paid the corresponding expenses. This fee is valid for one calendar year, with the year period starting from the first class attended.

  2. A deposit for course fees can be applied to the inscription fees. The annual inscription and deposit are not refundable or reimbursable.

  3. Course fees must be paid in their entirety no later than the first day of classes (exception valid only for students classified under the ‘au pair’ status). -

Attention! In order to respond to the Prefecture of Lyon’s inquiries concerning students’ applications for a ‘titre de se?jour’, all incoming students holding a ‘visa de long se?jour’ must pay their total course fees, for three months with a twenty hour per week minimum, at the moment of their final inscription.

There are no reimbursements or reductions of any sort offered for the periods of vacation or holidays. Replacement activities can be proposed, however l'INSTITUT LYONNAIS has no obligation in providing these.

Inscription methods

The inscription can be paid in two ways: 1) A pre-inscription, reserving one’s place, followed by a final inscription. 2) A one-time firm and final inscription.

The pre-inscription requires a completed information form, signed and dated, as well as an identity photo and the initial deposit. (Fees indicated above.)

The final inscription is not valid until all course fees are paid, with the latest date of payment being the first day of classes.

Attention! All absences not justified (for example by the delivery of a medical attestation) are not reimbursable and will be reported to the Prefecture.

Exception for "au pair" students: They are asked to pay the first month at the time of registration and they are left to pay their monthly tuition one month in advance or to file all checks covering their monthly tuition. The checks will be cashed progressively no later than the 15th of the month preceding the covered courses.

All students younger than 18 years of age must attach a parent’s authorization discharging L’INSTITUT LYONNAIS from any responsibility outside of classes and Institute organized activities. This authorization must additionally certify that the student is covered by health, accident, and civil liability insurance.

All candidates must evaluate their language level at the moment of their inscription. This can be done by considering the indicated criteria, by means of taking the online test, or by sending a copy of an official test or diploma previously received. This must be completed no later than the student’s day of arrival.

This first language evaluation does not take the place of the Arrival Placement Test. No substitute formula will be used in the case of problems due to missing or incorrect information.

Formalities and procedures

1 – At the institute

Become aware of the general conditions and additional information. Accept, sign, and date the inscription form. Pay the deposit fees or/and the final course fees. Where necessary, pay the housing and additional fees.

All fees must be paidat the latest one month before the first day of courses. In the case of late arriving students, their place in the chosen course is not guarantied.

2 – By mail

Become aware of the general conditions of sale and additional information. Accept, sign and date the inscription form which can be downloaded from the website. Pay the deposit or the final course fees (as indicated). Where necessary, pay the housing and additional fees.

This information can be sent by post to: Institut Lyonnais, 9 Avenue Leclerc, 69007 Lyon, France, or by fax to : (33) (0)4 78 69 25 04 ( except for the check, which must be sent separately).

After a candidate’s above information is received, the student can come to l’INSTITUT LYONNAIS on the first day of classes with: a piece of identity (identity card, or a carte de se?jour, or a passport with a visa covering the length of studies), an identity photo, a parent’s authorization for those candidates younger than 18 years old, and (where necessary) a receipt from a paid deposit or from the paid full course fees or the inscription certificate.

All fees must be paidat the latest one month before the first day of courses. In the case of late arriving students, their place in the chosen course is not guarantied.

3 – Online at www.institut-lyonnais.com

Create one’s personal account and choose the study program. Become aware and ‘Accept’ the general conditions of sale and additional information as indicated. Pay the deposit or the final course fees, and (where necessary) regulate the housing and additional fees.

After a candidate’s above information is submitted and received, the student can come to l’INSTITUT LYONNAIS on the first day of classes with: a piece of identity (identity card, or a carte de se?jour, or a passport with a visa covering the length of studies), an identity photo, a parent’s authorization for those candidates younger than 18 years old, and (where necessary) a receipt from a paid deposit or from the paid full course fees or the inscription certificate.

All fees must be paidat the latest one month before the first day of courses. In the case of late arriving students, their place in the chosen course is not guarantied.

For the third-party payers (companies, organizations, collectives, and all formal entities), a cost estimate will be quoted, in consideration of the adapted program and the specific needs. Procedures can be simplified within limits, and particular conditions can be created.


The prices indicated in our brochures, fliers, and online are total prices and could be subject to change. However, once the inscription is final the fees are not subject to change. Only the fees for additional services can be modified with regards to the current economic situation and other parties.

The published rates for our programs cover:

- Administration costs

- Teaching costs (classes, individual or collective, exams and internal certificates)

- The provision of special equipment

In general, course fees do not include textbooks, additional activities such as excursions, expenses due to learning activities such as cultural visits (admission to museums, bus, metro ...), housing placement, or the cost inherent in residence itself.

Additional services are billed separately at prices indicated in our information materials.

You can pay either by cash, by check payable in Euros, by credit-card, by an intermediary such as Paypal, or by bank transfer in Euros to our account which is referenced in our information material. In the case of bank transfers, you will need to send a legible photocopy of the transfer order.

Please note that bank fees for transfers and checks are your responsibility.

Withdrawal period

As soon as an inscription is made in writing or online, you have the right to a 7-day withdrawal period for any reason. The period of withdrawal starts on the date in which the general conditions of sale are accepted. When the period of withdrawal terminates on a Saturday, Sunday, or a non-working day; the withdrawal period will be extended to the first working-day. In order to exercise the right of withdrawal it is necessary to notify the INSTITUTE, in the legal period indicated below, by sending a letter to the following address: Institut Lyonnais, 9 Avenue Leclerc, 69007 Lyon, France.

Cancellations and deferment

Before the start of classes and after the withdrawal period (as indicated above), only the course fees are reimbursable after the deduction of bank fees and 10% administration and cancellation fees.

Only justifiable and serious reasons (as indicated above) or difficulties in obtaining one’s visa can authorize an inscription deferment. Only one deferment will be accepted under the expressed conditions, as long as the request was made a minimum of one month before the start of classes.

Under no circumstances can the classes be allotted to another student.

Absences, modification, or quitting a course in progress

Any class session begun requires full payment and attendance.

After the first class no modification, attendance exemption, or reimbursement is possible except for a justifiable and serious reason (for example: an attested medical excuse); in this case and hereafter the four weeks remaining, for all final departures, the paid sum will be reimbursed, minus the deposits (annual inscription right and guarantee deposit), the course fees proportional to the courses attended (or which should have been attended at the moment where the request was made official) and the cancellation fees equal to the deposits balances, the bank fees being the candidate’s responsibility. It is required, for this, to present in a period of 15 days maximum, an official document, translated by a certified translator, verifying that the request was justified. The student can also opt for a deferment of missed courses within a period of six months maximum. The requested deferment can not lead to any reimbursement.

Under no circumstances can the classes be allotted to another student.

Exception for ‘au pair’ students: Missed classes due to official holidays not observed by INSTITUT LYONNAIS can be made up with other courses of an equivalent level during the period for which the student is registered. A letter must be written by the host family affirming that the "au pair" could not attend classes because of his or her activities within the family. With the exception of their own rates and payment terms, ‘au pair’ students have the same rights and obligations as other students.

No changes can be made in class hours once the course program has been chosen and started. However, if a change in class hours must take place, the fees are not reimbursable.

Cancellation or change of program

In the event of a ‘force majeure’ (medical reason), or if the number of course participants is insufficient, INSTITUTE LYONNAIS reserves the right to cancel the course. Participants will be notified as soon as possible if another course in an equivalent level is not available. Courses not taken will be refunded in full. If an entire course cancellation must be made, the annual inscription will be reimbursed as well.

In the same manner, INSTITUT LYONNAIS reserves the right to modify, where necessary, the hours and calendar of courses, reserved under an information preamble.


Sickness, accident, and liability insurance are the responsibility of the student who must take out personal insurance against the inherent risks in travel and residence.

INSTITUT LYONNAIS is not liable for any loss, theft, or damage to students’ personal belongings.

Final student assesment

Where necessary an inscription certificate, an individual internship attestation, or a certificate mentioning the title of the training will be given at the end of the program. The certificate will include the commencement and conclusion dates, as well as the language level attained by the student, will be given at the end of the formation.

An individual record may be attached to clarify the evaluation (grades) and attendance.


In the case of students’ lack of adherence to INSTITUTE LYONNAIS’ rules and regulations, the INSTITUTE reserves the right to interrupt the courses of the student at fault. Normally, the rules are communicated to the student upon arrival. If not, the student can request the rules and regulations from the Administration.


Only the Director of the school has authority in the decision to refund or recover courses not taken.

Any complaint regarding the services provided by INSTITUT LYONNAIS must be made by registered letter with return receipt addressed to the headquarters of the establishment, 9 Avenue Leclerc, 69007 Lyon, France.

This claim must be made at the latest within one month following the end of training. After this date, the claim will not be receivable.


In a general manner, all cases are subject to the French Legislation.

Additionally, it is specified that:
According to Art 27 of the said law 78.17 laws and freedom, the information given to us is necessary and can be used to suit our needs. A right of access and correction is granted to you by contacting the Directorate.

INSTITUT LYONNAIS and our subsidiaries, except by contrary indication by your formal request in writing at the moment of inscription, can be sent the commercial information by our file.

With the acceptation of the present conditions, you equally renounce, in the same terms, the image rights for all photography and videos taken during involvement with L’INSTITUT LYONNAIS. Before their publication, you can explicitly refuse to appear in diffused images.

Any entry implies acceptance of these terms and conditions. In case of dispute, the courts of competent jurisdiction are in Lyon.

Updated: 15/08/2013