Practical information

Everyday services

The students of Institut Lyonnais receive all the necessary assistance for their settlement or their administrative steps during their stay: information, documentation, personalized support...

  • Administrative steps: If necessary, an assistance is offered to obtain or renew a residence permit, open a bank account, fill a subscription file, get a social protection…
  • Accommodation: On receipt of your desposit and booking fees, we book your accommodation in a university residence or in a host family. We also can relate you to a real-estate agency and bring you the information on the financial supports.
  • Contacts: We can propose you invitations to evenings in a family, outings or exchanges with people of Lyon and other students.
  • Participation to the social and culture French life: It can be through spectacles, concerts, "good addresses" (shops…), little jobs (childcare, teaching native language…).
  • Free time: Cultural activities, visits and excursions will complete your training.

Administrative steps

Whatever your home country is and the duration of your stay in France you foresee, contact, before your trip, the nearest France Consulate.

  • If you decide to stay in France less than 3 months: you are considered by the French administration as a tourist. You will therefore present a valid passport, with or without a visa or an ID card if you are from the European Union.
  • If you want to stay more than 3 months: you have to obtain a long-stay visa before your departure (except if you are from the European Union). At your arrival in Lyon, you will have to go to the Rhône Prefecture with the following documents:
    • A certificate establishing that you have an accommodation in Lyon.
    • A certificate testifying of your financial resources. In this case, you have two solutions: whether you open a bank account in Lyon on which you will get a fix amount each month ; or you are taken in charge by a creditworthy individual (friend family, relatives...) who will have to show three recent pay slips and his last notice of taxes.
    • The copy of your final subscription request to a course of Institut Lyonnais.
    • Two recent color ID photos.

To come to Lyon

You have differents to get to Lyon:

  • By plane: Lyon Saint-Exupéry (LYS) international airport allows you to come to Lyon from various European and World countries.
  • By train : Lyon has three major train stations: Lyon Part-Dieu, Lyon Perrache and Lyon Saint-Exupéry.
  • By bus: International autobuses link Lyon to the biggest cities in Europe in particular thanks to Eurolines bus company.
  • By car: Lyon is extremely well served by a wide highway network which links Lyon to the biggest Europeans cities.

Budget for a one-month stay in Lyon

  • Accommodation: see our Accommodation page.
  • University restaurant (lunch): € 3.10 per meal.
  • Public transportations: € 26,30.
  • Scholar books purchases: around € 20-25.
  • Local excursions: around € 30.

These prices are given to information purposes only.

Regularization of your social protection

It is your protection in case of accident or disease during your stay.

Before you leave your country, consult the competent authority in your country about your situation as a student in France. Make sure that your country has a convention with France about social protection. If it is not the case, you will have to pay for a temporary personal insurance at your arrival in Lyon whether with the Sécurité Sociale or with a student social insurance company (from € 51 per month, price given to information purposes only).

Nota: Institut Lyonnais will help you with you administrative steps in Lyon and in particular to obtain the certificate certifying you have an accommodation.

Bank and change

Most of the banks are open from 8:30AM to 5:00PM. Some are closed on Monday but open on Saturday morning.


To make a phone call from France to a foreign country, you have to type "00" + country the country code + the phone number.

To make a phone call from a foreign country to France, the country code is "33" then type the last 9 figures of the phone number (don't type the first 0).

To move around Lyon

The public transportations in Lyon are modern and diversifies. It is the 2nd French network with 1.4 million de travels everyday and 195 million travels every year:

  • 122 lines of bus and trolleybus.
  • 4 lines of subway.
  • 5 lines of tramway.
  • funiculaires.
  • Various local bus.
  • And the tramway-train Rhônexpress which links Lyon to the Lyon Saint Exupéry international airport.

Alternative ways:

  • Taxi : Lyon has 50 stations.
  • Bikes and cars in free access.
  • Train : The city has six stations. The major ones are Part-Dieu and Perrache. They host 230 TGV everyday. A 3rd TGV station has been built in the Lyon Saint Exupéry international airport. The secondary stations are served by local trains.

Where to lunch in Lyon

One of the possibilities you have is proposed by the CROUS, thanks to university restaurants. Restos U are located near the campuses and schools. They offer various solutions of lunch: take-away, snack  brewery, traditional restaurants, cafeterias… Each of these restaurants is a central place of the student life where we can share with friends a balanced meal at a low price.

In all cases, Institut Lyonnais is located nearby the downtown and every lunch place possible: restos U, restaurants, bakeries, convenience stores…