Come to study French in France!

The Institut Lyonnais is a French language school in Lyon, France, founded in 1984.
It is a meeting point for every language and culture of the world.


Why learn French?

With English, French is the only language spoken on the 5 continents

French is an official language of the UN, the European Union, NATO, the WTO, FIFA and many other international organizations

French is the language of culture. The learn gives you access to the literature of Victor Hugo, the music of Edith Piaf or the films of Alain Delon

French is a gateway to other languages: Latin languages ​​(Italian, Spanish, Portuguese...) but also English, 50% of which comes from French


Study French in immersion in Lyon

Lyon is the 2nd largest metropolis in France after Paris

Living in Lyon costs 30% less than in Paris (Mercer study)

Lyon is in the center of Europe: less than 2 hours from Paris, the Mediterranean and the Alps. Lyon airport gives you access to all European capitals


Lyon is the most attractive city in France (PWC study). It is also the favorite city of students (Student study) and the world capital of gastronomy (GQ magazine)

Take your French classes at the Institut Lyonnais


Almost 35 years of experience! The Institut Lyonnais was created in 1984

The Institute welcomes more than 200 students a year of all nationalities

Our courses are adapted to your level


You will study in a group of up to 12 students